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Chandon Autumn


Cyncron, known to the terrestrial realm as Chandon Autumn, first graced this world in Merritt Island, Florida. A nomadic spirit at heart, she traversed the landscapes of her upbringing, often finding herself journeying through the vast expanses of Canada. The rhythmic cadence of music was an ever-present companion throughout her life. From the earliest moments, even before her first breath, her surroundings pulsed with the melodies of her mother's powerful vocals, which resonated from stages to hearts.

Growing up amidst the harmony of bars and recording studios, she absorbed the energy of her mother's performances, igniting an ember of aspiration that would later kindle into an inferno of determination. Fuelled by her youthful dreams, Chandon's destiny began to unfurl.

A leap forward in time saw Chandon settle in Edmonton, a pivotal juncture in her odyssey. Here, she wove the tapestry of her passions into a vibrant magazine, 'The Dream Zine.' This creative endeavor set her on a path to delve deeper into her connection with music, leading her to engage with a kaleidoscope of DJs and producers. Each interview etched new melodies into her soul, birthing a symphony of knowledge and inspiration that would define her personal musical expedition.

For close to half a decade now, Cyncron has graced the stage, transforming beats into narratives that echo across the landscapes of western Canada. As a DJ, her performances have cast their spell on shows and festivals, like celestial constellations lighting up the night sky. Not content with just sharing her passion, she has harnessed the power of community, orchestrating events that celebrate the fusion of music and human connection. Guided by her friends' unwavering support and the collective pulse of her city, she has harmonized aspirations into harmonies, creating spaces where beats unite souls.

Yet, this is merely the prelude to a story that is still being penned. As the arc of time stretches ahead, Cyncron is poised at the cusp of countless crescendos and drops. With every beat, every note, and every step, she propels herself further into a future woven from her dreams.

As she continues her enigmatic journey, one thing remains certain: Cyncron's odyssey is a testament to the unifying power of music—a force that bridges galaxies, transcends boundaries, and unites hearts across the cosmos.

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