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Akkadian Spray Art

JCole Baker aka Akkadian Spray Art is an inspirational, self-taught artist based out of Ontario, Canada.


For just over five years, he has been predominantly using spraypaint as his medium, creating unworldly, intergalactic spacescapes that move his fans in profound ways. Going beyond your average canvas, Cole has experience painting on vehicles, offering to customize gas tanks, hoods, fenders, trunks, side panels, camper vans, and more!


As a teacher and healer in many forms, Cole aims to pass on his vast knowledge to others by facilitating workshops around his community. He creates a safe place for his students to flow in a state of radical self-expression. 


"When you break free from your comfort zone, you get to experience all the magic that happens upon removing barriers and old belief systems," explains Cole. " Let yourself flow and embrace all the wonderful feelings and vibes created from expressing your true self". 


For information on custom work and commissions, please contact Cole through his website linked here. Akkadian Spray Art is also available on Instagram and Facebook

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