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Auselot will take you on a journey like no other. Ranging from a progression of melodic and enchanting future bass to heavy-hitting dubstep, his captivating and unique sound will leave you curious and craving more. 


Auselot, otherwise known as Austin Sturgeon, is a producer and DJ based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Inspired by a surplus of emotions, life experiences, and various artists within the industry, he creates an authentic sound that is of a master quality and beyond addictive.  

Tell me about your musical journey so far. 


My musical journey hasn’t been too action-packed yet. I have mainly been focusing on my production over the past couple of years. I started off doing a couple of small local gigs but realized if I wanted to do anything with music I need to be able to do more than just spin decks and mix music. So I stepped back for a little under 2 years and dove into production. Spending hours sorting through YouTube tutorials, forums, blogs, discords, anything you could imagine trying to find knowledge on how to get into the production scene. Learning to produce Dubstep from the get-go, I switched over trying Future Bass in 2019 trying to get a more melodic feel to my music but didn't quite like where it was going with my brand Auselot. So I combined the 2 genres. I love making and have stumbled upon the production of Melodic Dubstep and Melodic Future bass music which is where my production sound has been staying and experimenting beyond styles of other artists like Chime, Seven Lions, Mitis for future 2020 releases.


Why do you create music? 

Honestly? For me it's all about trying to make my music sound the way I'm feeling. I want people to be able to feel my music and relate to the lyrics in my music. I try to write my music based on how I’m feeling emotionally or try to take in where my life is heading and where I have come from. Something I never really felt like I could contribute growing up was an artistic figure. So come my mid-teen years when I started listening to Monstercat and expanding on electronic music more I found myself wanting to learn more about music theory, chord progressions, sound design, Eqing, Mixing, and Mastering. Ya know, the same reasons why every teenager starts...   


What inspires you? 


The inspiration in my music comes from several artists and personal life experiences. I grew up with 2 brain tumors, which were removed at the age of 3 and 14, causing me to have seizures up until the second procedure. This led to difficulty in sports, public gatherings and just life in general. I’m not gonna lie, I wasn't always involved, even though I tried. This part of my life has been a huge impact on the emotional and melodic feel in my music. I find a lot in my recent releases and unreleased music. I find myself reflecting back on my life and what I have been through. I find it a lot easier to work in silence and speak with my music. In my early teen years, I stumbled upon Tristam on Monstercat way back in 2011 and then after discovered Virtual Riot and Au5. Come 2015-2016 when I started producing I stumbled upon Seven Lions which followed up discovering other Melodic Dubstep artists I look up to such as Chime, Mitis, Trivecta and a couple of others. The powerful chord progressions that make you feel the music is what really inspires me to create the kind of music I currently make.


How would you describe your sound currently?


Currently, in my production, I like to describe my music as uplifting, emotional and melodic. Adding these feelings into my music has allowed me to make more emotional dubstep and melodic music both future bass and dubstep in which I believe people can relate to more nonetheless now. I like making music that can make your heart rage and cry at the same time. Getting a lot of my inspiration from Seven Lions, Mitis, Ace Aura and Chime I like to believe my music has a strong melodic effect with whatever project I tackle.


Do you have a message for people listening to your music?

The message I want to deliver through my music is that I want to be able to provide information, highlight problems and hopefully even inspire some people to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Life can be hard, obstacles can seem over achievable and sometimes you feel like there's no way out. The song Glow off my Losing My Mind EP released January 17th is all about repaving the path that you need to reconstruct yourself to break through where you are and get to where you need to be.


Describe the feeling you get when you finish a song. 


When I finish a song I get mixed emotions. I am always stuck between “Thank god this project is done mindset” and “Finally I can start on the next one.” I think part of me that really struggles with my music is that, in my head, I hear my projects finished. I hear how they should sound during the process and that's all just self-criticism and frustration that I hold to every song I finish because I believe they could always be better. But if I let this mindset overcome me I would never be releasing music.

Tell me about your brand. 

My brand Auselot that I have created in 2019 is all-around cat based. I’m not gonna lie. I am a diehard Minecraft guy and have put maybe a little more time into it then I should have.. Anyways, I grew up always having house pets, cats being one of them. So I decided to take the name of one of my favorite animals off my favorite game and came up with the name Auselot. I’m planning on running into 2020 with consistent and authentic content on all platforms. My main goal is to match my visual designs and graphical elements of my brand to the sound of my music.


What are some of your music goals within the next few years? 


My goal is the next few years as a producer, jeez I have so many… Just getting into the game my main primary goals are to build an online following on all of my social platforms. I would also love to get an online merch shop up and running so I can start throwing out ideas that I have for apparel. Not only do I want to build a following but I want to build a connection with my fans. While also trying to perfect and find a sound that can be connected to my brand, I have been experimenting through mass varieties of different styles of melodic music. 2020 is going to be still a year of local gigs and production I feel, but in 2021 my goal is to have releases stacked, mixes submitted and be well prepared to take this to the next level. I would love to try to get on a possible label this year in 2020 though.. That is something I have really been trying to keep a close eye on. I have been keeping a few in mind that fit my style and just waiting for that perfect moment to pitch my projects to them. I wouldn't say my goal is to be famous. My goal is to leave a legacy. To give and leave people with something that I have made and that I also believe, told a story about my life. 


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