Cyncron, otherwise known as Chandon Autumn, was born in Florida and often traveled between her home town and various parts of Canada while growing up. Constantly being uprooted didn’t leave must chance for long-lasting friendships early on, but the one thing that would never leave her side was music. 


Before understanding the concepts of DJing, Chandon would spend countless hours as a teen finding music and precisely piecing it together on mixed CDs. Eventually, after leaving home at the age of 16, she had free range to throw parties with the sole intention to show her guests the extensive music collection she had been working on, spending weeks organizing playlists for such occasions. This quickly grew from a hobby to an obsession, yet the art of professional DJing still seemed just out of reach.

Fast-forwarding several years later, Chandon moved to Edmonton and created a magazine called The Dream Zine, back then referred to as The Dream Machine Zine. It was because of this she started interviewing DJs and producers within the city, which began unraveling the mystery of how to find a place in the music industry. This new-found knowledge and inspiration fueled the fire that had been burning within her for so long.


Since then, she has played shows and festivals around the city and has also hosted a few of her own with The Dream Zine. In addition, Chandon continues to work closely with Flociety and other production crews as a way to give back to the community which so deeply sparked her passion.

And so, the journey continues…