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For those out there who may be unfamiliar with what you do, introduce yourselves and Chutez & Ladderz. Drew: What's up, I'm Chutez and I actually started producing in 2011 under the name 'Euphoric'. I joined band in 8th grade and went straight to the snare drum. Played all the way into marching band in High School and finished as section leader during senior year. I've always had a groove and a thing for making any kind of drum pattern. I heard my first Dubstep song in 2010 from Dubba Johnny called "Dubstep VIP Tutorial" and couldn't believe what I had heard. Was hooked into EDM since then and it wasn't until I saw Skrillex during his first Mothership tour, were I decided to get into producing. Nick: My name is nick Constantino and I am Ladderz. How did you guys meet? Drew & Nick: Aahhh we worked together at FIREHOUSE SUBS. The best hot subs out there. We will fight you about it :) Was there a deciding factor when you knew you wanted to work as a duo? Drew: YUP. Hard drive pooped out and I had to start over on a lot of things. Nick was there to make sure I didn't go crazy and came with me to get a new laptop. Sat down the same night and he was feeding me ideas as I was putting them in FL Studio. Shot him the idea of taking a chance with me and going on a big adventure together to play our music everywhere. Boom here we are :) Nick: The deciding factor, Drew had a hard drive go out in his cpu and lost everything so he was feeling down and I just got back from military feeling pretty down at the time. One day I went over to his place and told him to keep pushing and not to give up so later that day I went with him to pick out a new laptop and gave him back that fire . Drew was working on a trap tune at the time and I came over and started pitching ideas that turned out the pretty good so one day at work he approached me about the idea to start a dou and ever since then we have been Chutez & Ladderz. Drew & Nick: The meaning behind our name, Chutez & Ladderz, should tell people that even when you're up and feeling good, it's possible to crash..but if you stay focused and keep pushing, you'll climb right back up. When did you cross paths with the Be happy family? Drew: The end of February this year, 2019! Ran into a post from Nester Lee on FB and it started there! Nick: I think Drew went to Nester asking what Be Happy was and it turned out that he already been watching us from the start. Did they find you or did you reach out to them? Drew: I reached out to Nester to discuss what Be Happy was about. It was a plus that he already knew of us :) If someone comes to a Chutez & Ladderz show, what should they expect? Drew: Good vibes and CHAOOOSSSS ^.^ Nick: Anime visuals and mixture of types of genres Who are some of your influences (in music or life in general)? Drew: Life in general? Yoo MY PARENTS! Holy crap man, they help me get through everything and I love them to death. Taylor, my beautiful fiancee, it's my other half and puts up with so much from me. So thankful to have her in my life. For music my biggest influence is Disturbed. Idol is Chester Bennington (RIP to the best voice in the game) and I listen to pretty much everything except country, not my cup of tea. Nick: Influences man that’s a tough one with music I love artist from Effiel 65 to Excision, Marshmello to System of a Down. In life I take my influences from anime’s that are dear to me. For example Goku taught me to keep pushing and to have fun, and Naruto taught me anyone who deserts a friend is worst then scum. When do you guys think artists should start to consider signing with a label / management / joining a team of any kind? Drew & Nick: Whenever you feel you're ready! If music is taking up as much time as your full time job and you're sitting on tracks and more ideas, GO FOR IT! It's a tough grind but incredibly rewarding to be with such talented people! Is music your full-time career at this point, or do you have other gigs to support your music? Drew & Nick: Yes and no. We both work full time jobs outside of making music. I, Drew, manage a Zumiez and I, Nick, Manage a Pizzeria. We spend a lot of hours on music but it isn't paying our bills yet! If you don’t mind, can you share one of the lower times in your career when you felt like you wanted to give up? How did you pull yourself out of it and remain focused on your goals and passions? Nick: Our lowest time is what started us I mean we have had a loss in files but we’ve learned things happen and you have to learn and push forward. Drew: I agree. We recently went through something similar this year in February. Losing project files is brutal and completely sets you back. Sometimes a fresh start is needed though. I feel like we've been working on some of our best work since then. Would you like to shout out any promising young creatives that you think have the potential and work ethic to make it in the music industry? (Producers, DJs, designers, managers, photographers, etc.) Nick: Yes, my bois Jvmpskare and Geeku. These two are so talented to be where they are and I hold you to it.. they will be at the top, I promise Drew: Absolutely. Geeku, Jvmpskare, ModelX, and Dragonflare! Carlos Eduardo! Carlos is the man behind our album covers and original character/logo layout, so much talent in him. Our manager, Nester Lee! It has been awesome to learn from his leadership and how professional he runs his work. He also made our newest logo using the ideas from Carlos and staying true to his brand. What does the rest of 2019 look like for Chutez & Ladderz and Be happy? Drew & Nick: It's looking really good. Hopefully it keeps going up and you will be seeing us in a town near you! Be Happy is expanding quickly and is full of amazing people. It's so important to be happy in life and BE HAPPY strives for that daily. There rest of this year and the rest to come are going to be life changing.

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