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Curiosity Music Festival

After a day of rest and recovery in my cozy warm bed in addition to a long shower, I was off on my second stop of the tour. Curiosity Music Festival was a far distance from Edmonton, but well worth the scenic journey to Snug Lake. As the name indicates, the land was situated alongside a small yet beautiful lake among rolling hills which formed a natural amphitheater. While the scenery was incredible here, I definitely got my fair share of exercise at this festival. With the stages sprawled throughout the grounds, my legs and butt got the workout of a lifetime while walking up and down the hills. However, once reaching one of the three well-curated stages, the music and lights were always captivating and enjoyable. 


There was a dark and dub-heavy vibe contained in most of the music at this festival, which was surprisingly unique compared to what I experienced at most festivals. This was broken up a bit with the funky beats of a Westwood Recordings takeover on Saturday night. Though admittedly, I missed half of that night due to food poisoning, which resulted in me vomiting profusely in my tent for several hours, followed by half-conscious sleep until the early morning.


My favorite part about the morning was heading over to the cafe perched on a hill in between all the stages. There was an immense feeling of comfort that would overcome me as I sat on their couches overlooking the valley and sipping on a warm cup of tea or coffee, made even better with my partner by my side. This was my time to coordinate interviews or get my writing done as the sun would slowly rise over the trees. Following this, I would peruse the artwork in the vendor's booths and stare in amazement as projections would dance and flow on top of the wooden art from Rhadwood, like a psychedelic trip without the drugs.


Sunday brought out the excitement of the Sleeveless Takeover, in addition to an unexpected transition of stages, as the main stage was brought down near the beach for the perfect sunny day dance party. Going deep into the night, the music was immersive and alien-like, abducting my dancing body until sunrise and beyond. 


Indulging in an extra day on the festival grounds, a day of sleep was necessary before making the trip back home for another quick stop and refill on supplies, then on to the next festival

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