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[ Photo by ConcertSocks ]

Evan Shafran aka EVeryman

Evan Shafran is a skilled lyricist, MC, DJ, actor, comedian, youth empowerment coordinator, and so much more.


Originally from Portland, Maine, he took interest in hip-hop at a  young age. His lyrics are packed with a strong, spiritual meaning with intention of spreading love and positivity onto others. Alongside this also comes a deep passion for politics and a desire to evoke change in the world, which really shines through in his lyrical wit and overall demeanor. 


The EVeryman persona was developed by inspiration of the late 15th-century morality play, in which the main character attempts to find friends to join him on his pilgrimage towards inevitable death and is only accompanied by his friend Good Deeds into the afterlife. It is with such inspiration that Evan truly lives up to planting seeds of good deeds throughout his life, as he has shown by compassionately orchestrating the Little Giant Acorn Foundation.


This foundation of the arts, created in loving memory of his best friend, Pumpkin aka Nicholas Alvarado, provides opportunity and resources for youth. A shared vision between these two friends; the youth, much like their fans, are considered to be acorns planted with the potential to flourish and one day grow into a mighty oak tree, representing persistence, patience, and the relentless ability to pursue a dream. 


EVeryman continues to be a prime example to this as he travels throughout North America playing shows and sold-out festivals such as Shambhala, Lighting in a Bottle, Wicked Woods, and Astral Harvest just to name a few. He also hosts the annual Pumpkin Ball in Los Angeles, California with the support of The Dirty Beetles. 


Stay posted on EVeryman's upcoming shows by following him on social sites linked here, and please support the artist by purchasing music here







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