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Born in Poland, High On-BPM’s AKA Yuma Starsky’s passion for music started when he was six. His father, who is also a musician bought him his first keyboard. Since that day, his love for music grew stronger and he started playing in bands. In 2000 he left Poland in pursuit of The American Dream. He landed in New Haven, Connecticut, where he continued learning the guitar, accordion, keyboard and became a vocalist. Yuma came to Canada in 2010, he fell in love with Edmonton and the people with whom he shared dance floors, in lots of EDM party’s and clubs. Production is also his passion. He has created a few Polish songs, as well as electronic tunes so far, although he decided to put his DJ career first. He will certainly come back to creating his own sound.


Not too long ago Starsky’s adventure with mixing started thanks to DJ Lizzie Blu who came over with a rented controller and said, “there you go, you have a month make the best of it”. This led to much excitement, and after the month had passed he got himself his own controller, which hasn’t gone a day without use since. Be sure to check out his monthly radio show on every last Sunday of the month at 3:00 PM MST.

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