Evan Shafran


Photo by: Concertsocks

EVeryman is a conscious MC and DJ currently based out of Los Angeles, California. He is also the founder of Little Giant Acorn Foundation, providing art and music resources for youth. 


Sam Eid


Photo by: Jayme Hill

RamjamSam is originally from California and is now bringing the heat to Canada as a music producer, DJ, graphic designer, palm reader, and audio/visual technician.


Aimee Jackins


Photo by: Zane.Z

A-Jacked is fierce DJ based out of Edmonton. When she isn't tearing up the decks as a DJ, she is a professional award-winning bodybuilder.


Mat The Alien

Mat The Alien  (2).png

Mat The Alien

Photo by: MTA

Mat The Alien is a turntablist that is out of this world. With a wide range of talent and experience, this DJ and producer will blow your mind. 





Photo by: Unkown

Auselot ranges from a progression of melodic and enchanting future bass to heavy-hitting dubstep, his captivating and unique sound will leave you craving more.


Will Williamson


Photo by: Finger Lickin

Father Funk is a funky, Bristol-based DJ and producer. He has played many festivals including Shambhala Music Festival, Glastonbury Music Festival, Boomtown Fair, and more! 


Andrew O'Reilly


Photo by: Third Eye Arts

Super Gnarly is a top-notch producer, excelling in genres such as Disco, Glitch, and Funk. His sets are always jam-packed with nostalgia, and all-around good vibes.


Mark Christopher


Photo by: The DJ Booth

Smoove C is a House Music DJ and Producer on the South Coast of England. He is also the owner of a DJ agency and PA hire company, The DJ Booth.


Michael Caron


Photo by: Myra Bell

Shy is a passionate psytrance and tropical house DJ, and also a collaborator in the duo Nemesis Project, based out of Edmonton, Alberta. 


Evan Chandler


Slynk is coming at you with some funky fresh beats, that are sure to get you up on your feet! His experience shines through his words with insight and thought-provoking perspective. 


Jeffrey Woodward


Photo by: JeVonna Ramsey

Mr. Jeffrey Woodward is a UK Garage and house DJ, currently living in Detroit. Often referred to as "The Don", for being a pioneer in his community.


Foreign Beggars


Photo by: Foreign Beggars

Foreign Beggars forms an incredible, versatile group. Flaring with originality and style; they are true rebels of the new school era in hip hop.


L.A. Angel

L.A. Angel

Photo by: Unkown

L.A. Angel is a powerhouse musician with collaborations alongside world-renowned musicians as she puts on a full-blown show with music and dance incorporated.