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Big Dream,Tiny Home

I don't quite know where to start with this journey, as the fruition of this dream took me quite by surprise. Life tends to either hit you hard with a metaphor or a two-by-four, and in most cases for myself it takes a two-by-four to notice that something life changing is about to happen.

So, the anarchic chaos begins...

A few months prior to owning my tiny home, I went rogue. All in one quick swoop I started my own companies, leading me to promptly quit my job. I was sick and tired of pouring my time, money, and energy into a traditional job as a general laborer with hardly any significant results to show for it. Shortly after leaving my job, I also experienced a ground-shaking break up with my long-term partner. In a matter of months my life was flipped upside down, spiraling far down the opposite path of success viewed by most of society. I have never liked the idea of marriage, having kids, a mortgage (which is Latin for death grip/pledge), or a stable career path with benefits. It all seemed too bland, too predicable. It was as though these drastic changes were the solidification I needed to expose my inner truths.

Naturally change and exposure provoke fear, but when in any situation it is a choice to either sink or swim. I am much too persistent and determined to sink, so I did the only thing that made sense at the moment of needing a cheap place to live during these changes. I browsed Kijiji for hours and finally came across a tent trailer for $600. It looked very 70's, with yellowish-brown linoleum flooring and seat cushions to match. Half the canvas was patched with duct tape due to a previous bear attack, and it leaked profusely when it rained, inconveniently right over both beds. While it wasn't perfect, I envisioned all the possibilities of its potential, and it didn't take long before I called it mine. All in the same timing, the clouds parted and sent me two wonderful friends who would allow me to occupy their property while working on my new home.

My next challenge became downsizing, leading eventually to the art of organization. Even as a pretty minimalistic person, I was astounded by how much I now had to get rid of and compress into a 10-foot space. There were some sentimental items that were tough to release; however, I felt more free by doing so. The wise lyrics from Janis Joplin consistently rang through my head, "freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose". These words became incredibly valuable during this time, allowing me to see that my worth and memories were not based on the possessions I had. For the last month before the move, I turned my house into a mini boutique, leaving most of my belongings open to be sold before donating the rest to a thrift shop.

The day of the move arrived and I was feeling anxious, worried if I was making the right choices in life as I endured my annual existential crisis. What was the point of all this? What was my life's purpose? I no longer carried the answers to these questions, only the lingering motion sickness from free-falling into the unknown abyss.

The new space was slightly claustrophobic, now piled with the remnants of my belongings, and buried within that feeling was the sudden realization that I was alone and there was no turning back. As I began slowly unpacking, my nerves started settling, and I was once again able to dust off my perspective to see the value in what was unfolding before me. The more I was able to unclutter my home, the more I was able to unclutter my mind.

Often I have found that our physical surroundings can be a very adequate representation of our thought patterns. Just like my new home, I found myself to be very rough around the edges and broken, but bursting with potential. Together over the past month we have slowly evolved and improved together. While the changes have mostly been temporary quick-fixes for now, plans for major transformation through the seasons are currently in motion. With that being said, allow me to end with a quote to perhaps inspire your personal transformation over the next few seasons as well...

"Nothing is as impossible as it may seem, you are only as big as your dream".

Best of luck on your journey ahead!

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