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Life is a lot like riding a bicycle. You will face your challenges along the road; the highs and lows. There will be times where every push forward is an uphill struggle, as you curse the hand you are dealt. Then, there will be times where you are ecstatic and barely have to move a muscle, yet everything just comes to you with ease. Those are the moments when we feel abundant with love, money, time, friends, and an overwhelming sense of joy. Both of these times, regardless of our preference, are so incredibly valuable to us. We need the struggles in our lives to dig a well of gratitude, to better appreciate life's little surprises along the way. 

  There will be times where you may feel like you are on a stationary bike, trapped in place no matter how hard you peddle or how much you sweat. However, once we take personal responsibility for where we are in life and ownership over our decisions, we may then begin to create a change. Making that shift is not easy, and like anything new, it may be confusing or cause fear; and that's alright. 

   At first, the scenery may not shift all at once, but seeds of change are slowly being sown into manifestation. The tricky aspect of manifestation is that it requires time, patience, and a little hope. Once the seeds of change are planted, it is to a great disadvantage to constantly dig up the soil to check on the growth. As you look in the mirror, you may not see change within yourself every day, but within the compounding nature of life, it is inevitable. 

   As Heraclitus said, "No [wo]man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and [s]he's not the same [wo]man". 

                   *** Embrace the journey and enjoy the ride of life, my friends! ***

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