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RamJamSam and EVeryman’s musical skillsets divinely coincide in union in their new collaborative EP, Wake up. With RamJamSam’s signature groove and EVeryman’s smooth, rolling vocals, this whole EP feels like something you would expect to dance to at a funky sci-fi nightclub in space. 


Each song has its own unique characteristics that take a refreshingly unexpected turn as the EP plays on. With bouncy, bassy energy and crisp, rolling basslines throughout, it’s nearly impossible to stop yourself from jamming out wherever you are.


The title track ‘Wake Up’ carries a nostalgic-feeling high vibe that has “summer hit” written all over it. It’s guaranteed to be one of those light-hearted and fun songs that you play on repeat over and over again. While the first half of the album is high and vibey, the second half hits you with a slightly darker tone all while still carrying the same underlying danceability. It’s a very interesting take and adds depth to the listening experience overall.

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