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RamjamSam, producer,musician, photography

Who is RamjamSam? His beats describe it all -- he is funky, fun, and light. You can't help but smile and groove when you're at one of his sets, as he is the conductor of unimaginable sound and the world is his abundant playground. Originally from Milpitas, California -- RamjamSam is currently shredding the decks in Alberta, Canada. Frequently playing shows and festivals throughout Canada, he can often be found working behind the scenes with Flociety. On top of that, not only does he produce music, but he also designs his own graphic art and logos as well.

What has your journey of producing been like so far?

It has been a journey deep into my own head. I have been realizing a lot about myself and my patience. I'm always questioning myself on whether something sounds the way I like it or not. I have been drowning myself in tutorials by Artfx, Zen WorldSadowick Productions, and Slynk. It is one of the most knowledge-filling hobbies I have ever had.


Why do you produce music?

I have been drawn to creating music for as long as I can remember. As a child, I always wanted to learn instruments, but with the lifestyle we had, the chances of affording an instrument was out of the question. When I discovered electronic music, all I could think about was "what if that sound did that?" or "how can I do that?". So I've learned how to do it.


How did you learn to DJ?

The very first time I was taught how to use a DJ system was in 2009. My friend had a set of Vinyl Technics turntables with an old school Behringer mixer. We also used Timecode and a Serato box.

Though I could only use them when I was visiting and lacked the funds to purchase my own set, I spent countless hours on Virtual DJ learning how to mix, loop, and transition until 2016 when I invested in a controller.


What has been your biggest challenge?

I think my biggest challenge in mixing has been that I was always felt the need to prove myself to be a good DJ, and I always wanted to play tracks that i know everyone would like. I developed more of a interest in mixing after discovering that it was about the sound that I enjoyed most. The best way I can blend music together is by playing the sounds that gave me the chills, this way the dancers can dance with my ears for a while. 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself learning music production tricks from some of my favorite producers, such as Opiuo, Stickybuds, and Vibesquad; or I at least want to remix something of theirs.



[ Song released by Adapted Records ]

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[ Photo by Concert Socks ]
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