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Reign Bough Fiddle 2019

Reign Bough Fiddle is a magical outdoor festival taking place at Redfield Crossing, Alberta from June 28 to July 1st. With each year following a particular story, this year's theme is Song Of The Phoenix, providing an enchanting and interactive journey for guests. The full story can be found here


A great place for community connection on all levels, this event is family-friendly and inclusive to everyone, including pets. Over the duration of time on the grounds, an abundance of activities can be found, with no limit to the imagination. Festival-goers can explore music, art, workshops, games, quests, larping adventures, and many more surprises along the way. 

There are four unique stages throughout the experience -- The Desert Rose, The Tower, The Waystation, and The Tesla. Each stage contains a unique flavor of style and personality where guests can explore genres such as psytrance, drum and bass, house, conscious hip hop, live music, and other various forms of electronic music from day to night in addition to a captivating selection of performers.

Going beyond the party, knowledge-seekers have the ability to learn from diversly skilled teachers throughout the weekend sharing knowledge of flow arts, yoga, magic, energy work, expressive arts, and more.  This is a great chance to indulge in a deep level of connection and a way to meet lifelong friends. 

There is also a wonderfully vibrant vendors market, full of local artisans and creatives who are given the opportunity to proudly showcase their work to festival-goers. Along with this, food vendors will also be hard at work creating the most delicious treats for all the foodies out there to enjoy. 

In addition to all of the incredible levels of festival interaction mentioned above, another great way to explore the festival is by being apart of it as a volunteer. Reign Bough Fiddle is a non-profit organization and is created by the community coming together to make the magic happen! There are many great positions for people of all skill sets available, which you can apply for here

However you choose to experience this festival, whether as a guest or volunteer, an unforgettable adventure awaits. Be sure to grab your ticket while they are still available. This is a festival you won't want to miss! 

Photo by: LuBuFoto
Photo by: Mechajoy
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