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The Womp

After a few solid weeks without festivals I was feeling refreshed and ready to go again, this time with something a little more low key and underground. This festival was what I can only describe as being very Albertan. It was rustic with a joyful flavor to it. Equipt with a mega long Slip ’n’ Slide, a dunk tank, and some whimsical walkways among two stages, there were many surprises along the way. With all of these elements at hand, my favorite part of all was the people. The level of connection was unbeatable and was one of the only festivals of the year so far where I didn’t lose my friends in the crowd. There was plenty of space to dance, flow with my silk fans, and interact with others without feeling overwhelmed.


Most of the weekend was spent absorbing the music, floating between the two stages and indulging in the sweet jams through the day and night. That, however, led me to pack all of the interviews into the very last day since prior to that, the rain and wind prevented from setting up all the recording gear. The rain seemed to be a common theme throughout the summer which I never quite minded, as there is nothing more freeing than dancing in the rain, nor anything more soothing than the gentle pitter-patter on the tent as I lay down to rest.

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