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Shambhala Music Festival 2018

Tucked away on a beautiful ranch in Salmo, B.C., this wondrous gem is hidden within the heart of the mountains. Taking place from August 10-13,  this year marked the 21st annual Shambhala Music Festival.


This is unlike any other festival experience in the world. It is a warm hug and a punch in the face all in one. This place is not something that can merely be described, but it must be felt. It is so irresistible; that feeling of home. Commencing only once a year seems almost too distant, yet so perfect in placement as the anticipation to carry its spirit into the rest of the world ignites.


Shambhala is an organic, living, growing, complex machine that thrives on love and community connection. It can be witnessed from so many various perspectives. From those who have made it a lifestyle while spending weeks or months on the creation process, to those who enter into the belly of the beast for just a few days to unwind. Whatever experience you are looking for, Shambhala will provide. 

Surrender and allow your senses to guide you on a winding journey. With 6 stages of music to choose from, the auditory experience provided by PK Sound fully encapsulates the mind, body, and soul. Feel the bass therapeutically reverberate in your chest, as you're puppeteered through the dance floor by over-taking beats. Feast your eyes on exquisite light displays, art installations, costumes, and so much more. The festival is ever-changing, as the attendees are an art form in itself as well. 

After a night of full-fledged adventure, there is always option of seeking shelter from the party over at the Sanctuary. Fully stocked with friendly volunteers, beds, warm drinks, coloring books, condoms and pretty much anything else you may need to feel a sense of comfort. Also available on site this year, ANKORS provided free advanced drug testing by using an FTIR Spectrometer. This implementation is a huge milestone in regards to providing a low risk party zone, reducing potential of fentanyl overdoses. Shambhala excels in keeping its family safe! 

If you're interested in learning more about Shambhala Music Festival, be sure to check out their website. Also, be sure to pick up your 2019 tickets here


[ Photography by OhDagYo ]   

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[ Photography by OhDagYo ]   


[ Photography by Adam Straughn ]

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