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Michael Caron is a creative master in many forms. He is a DJ under the alias Shy and is one half of the dynamic duo, Nemesis Project, alongside Kyle Hollingshead aka Muse.  He has also been apart of several projects in collaboration with Flociety, including a vast range of festival appearances across western Canada and at local shows within Edmonton. 


Whether you’re in the mood for an elevated and hype psytrance set or the smooth vibes of tropical house, Shy does it all. Complete with fiery transitions, unique and nostalgic vocal samples, and a supreme track selection; his sets will have you dancing all day and night. 


Beginning his music career in 2012, Shy has headlined numerous sold-out Flociety shows and has rocked the stages at Motion Notion, Reign Bough Fiddle, and Synesthesia Music Festival multiple years in a row. 


With many more shows on the horizon, be sure to check out Shy for an unforgettable music experience both live and online. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud for updates on new releases coming up!

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