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Evan Chandler Slynk Portraits dec 2015-7
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When you generate an idea, what are your steps to manifesting it?

I pretty much just do what I have to do to turn my idea into audio as quickly as possible. My ideas are not very philosophical or spiritual. My ideas are technical. Creativity is experimentation with the technical tools I have in front of me. I'll have an idea like, "hmm, I wonder what it would sound like if I put a recording of my creaky studio chair through 8 flangers", rather than an idea like, "I want to have a bass line in this song that makes you feel the same way you feel when you fall in love". 


what advice would you give to a new producer? 

If you want music production to be your full-time job, treat it like it is. Pretend like there is some sweaty boss breathing down your neck, chewing you out about "procedure". Basically, have a good work ethic. Wake up early, get to work. Put in your hours. Follow procedure. Keep your work space clean and respectable. Keep your project files and samples named, dated, and organized according to company policy. There is a dress code policy; follow it. Never call in sick. If I ever catch you on Facebook during company hours, you'll have to answer to the HR department. 

Have you ever made mistakes live? If so, how did you handle it? 

I made a pretty dumb mistake last time I played in Edmonton actually. I can only scratch (well) with my left hand on the turntable and my right hand on the cross fader. I'm not an ambidextrous turntablist. I wanted to scratch something that was on the right deck, so I reversed the polarity of the cross fader, did the scratch, and then forget I had the cross fader reversed. A few minutes later, I pushed the fader to the right side in preparation for cueing the next song, which cut the audio of the current song playing. It was like half a second of silence, but it's such a dumb mistake! A girl in the crowd gave me a toque earlier in the evening with 'MAYO' across the front (and if you don't know why that is hilarious, you need to follow me on Facebook). I put the toque on to shame myself, haha! Mistakes happen. Nobody is perfect. You just gotta have a laugh and move on. 


Are you currently where you thought you would be when you began DJing/producing? 
Not even close. By now I thought I'd be in Hollywood sipping champagne in my mansion, by the pool full of Helman's with my best friend, Hot Pie from Game Of Thrones. A man can dream though... 


Who are some of your greatest influences? ​
WEFUNK RadioA Skillz, all the boys on Danio Management, and this one hater who told me I was a fake ass DJ 13 years ago.








Slynk, funk music producer
Evan Chandler Slynk Portraits dec 2015-1
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