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[ Photo by MechaJoy, captured at Reign Bough Fiddle ]


Space /spās/: A boundless 3 dimensional extent in which events occur, a period of time, the galaxy that is “outer space" etc.

Spectrum /spektrəm/: A broad range of varied but related ideas, in which the individual features tend to overlap to form a continuous series or sequence.

What is your musical background?

Growing up I was a competitive hip hop dancer for 8 years, but eventually I had to stop because my parents said I had to pay for it on my own. It was really fun and I really miss it, but I find Djing so much fun because I can still be up on the stage but I don’t have to be judged. I can be up on stage dancing without the competition. Now everyone is dancing with me rather than just watching me.

How did you begin DJing?
Well, I came across Astral Harvest because I was volunteering for school and wanted to get involved with festivals. I went to the festival not really knowing what I was getting into. I had all of these friends who were DJing and playing shows and I had such a range of music that I was really passionate about. I wasn’t really hearing the styles of darker stuff that I am into, so I had to represent and bring out what I wanted to hear.

Have you seen your style changed since the beginning?

I feel like my music gets better every set. I had a really big shift here at Reign Bough Fiddle last year because I switched up my set last minute and had this really intense session with a guy named Kale, who was doing healing work here at the festival. He made me realize that I can’t be a super confident and talented DJ if I can’t trust and believe in myself. You can’t do both at once. So I played my set, and after that I came out way more relaxed in realizing that whatever style or genre I play it will end up fine.


As soon as you start focusing on what other people think and about pleasing everyone else, you start losing the plot of your art. I have really harnessed that idea when creating sets, and started focusing more on what I would like to dance to and what I would really like to hear in the moment. I feel like that mindset has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. If people see you into the music then I think other people feel it.

If you were travelling through space and you could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?
I would bring the album In Rainbows by Radiohead, my journal, and my favorite deck of tarot cards.

[ Photo by Zane.Z - Taken at a Tribal Nation event ]

How did you come up with the name SpaceSpectrum?

I like the idea of space because it has such a variation in meanings. Whether you’re talking about outer space, the space of time, the space you’re in. And ‘spectrum’ defined is a continuous series of related ideas that all tend to overlap. When I first started DJing, there was intention with crossing genres that were all in the same vibe. I really like going from dubstep into trap and then into drum and bass because I find they just flow nicely. I get bored really fast, my mind just bounces around. Sometimes an hour can seem like a long time, but if I spice it up and switch things around then it keeps me excited. I wanted the space I was in to cross a spectrum of music.

What do you think is the importance of music festivals?

I believe music festivals really benefit people’s sense of identity and emotional well-being, because I find the connection you make when you like the same music as someone is so intense. There is such a strong bond that you can have with someone over music and when you’re in a place where you’re all feeling that same happy nostalgia in an art form. When you’re dancing and rocking out it really helps you feel like you’re apart of something bigger than yourself and can make people feel less lonely in a way, giving you a sense of belonging. It’s so healthy to have that experience. Music has such a powerful sense of identity. If people were to look at my music library, then in a way it’s like they know a piece of me.

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