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Pingler  Increase traffic to your website or blog.


Grammarly  Improve grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure with this AI writing assistant.


Issuu  Create online publications and flipbooks.


Blurb  Design, create, publish, market, and sell print books and e-books.


Google Docs  Easily share work with others and automatically save writing to the cloud, accessible on any device.

Every writer could use these quick and simple resources to help speed up the process and increase efficiency. When deadlines are a priority, the last thing you want slowing you down is multiple edits and revisions or even worse -- completely losing your work! Whether you are new to professional writing or are a master, this list offers something for everyone. 



Fractured Atlas  Find available jam spaces and venues


Concert Window  Online e-concerts - broadcast live or upload videos


Audacity  Free audio editor and recorder


Clyp It  Record and upload audio files - receive a short link that you can share or embed.


Sonic Bids  Find available gigs


Along with the expansion of the internet comes the equal and ever-increasing expansion of music and performance. In this day and age, we no longer have to be tied down to traditional ways of creating and sharing music strictly by live performance. These resources allow for ease of expression whether it be with close friends or to the whole world.  



Gimp Image editing


Animoto  make a video from still images


Pixabay  Royalty free stock images


Unum  Design a professional, perfect looking Instagram feed before it is published live.


Adobe Lightroom  Create preset image adjustments to include your signature editing style in one click.

Included with this list of resources is a mixture of handy tools for the post-photoshoot process. While taking the photo is important, the next huge step prior to your audience viewing your work is the editing process and perfecting the image. Check out these tools to get the best out of your work. In addition to this, we have included Pixabay, which can be a great way to make some extra cash by uploading public stock photos which people can purchase by donation. 


Art & Design

Iconico  Desktop color picker software, samples colors anywhere on the screen


Sketchpad  Online sketch pad


Portfolio Box  Create a portfolio


Canva  Easy to use design tool for marketing - use templates or design your own original marketing material.


Society 6  Sell art online

We think the term "starving artist" is overrated, and we hope you do too! We've included resources to help your art stand out among a sea of creatives. Whether you're a digital artist or kinesthetic, these resources are a huge help for taking steps to further develop your craft by marketing yourself or for those days when you simply want to play around. 

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